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EASY CONNECT is a complete solution that aims to help everyone, homeowners and companies alike, set up an outdoor electricity network with ease.

It meets the three following objectives: Easy to install; Functional and adaptable; Reliable and effective, and we have also developed three associated technologies: Outdoor wiring, Outdoor automation and Outdoor LED bulbs.

Practical ideas



Our waterproof 220~250 V connectors are designed to be safe and easy to use. They are particularly well-suited for use in the extreme conditions often experienced outdoors (rain, snow, frost, flooding, high temperatures, crushing, etc.).

Designed for power outlets going up to 3600 W (16 A) and resistant to electric shocks of 4000 V, our connectors are by far the most efficient in the market.

Since the dedicated circuit-breaker for outdoor sockets is 16 A, it is essential that your electricity network can also resist up to 16 A. If cheaper connectors at 10 A or 6 A are used, appropriate circuit-breakers will have to be installed. This basic safety point must not be ignored.


Outdoor Automation

your lighting
Easy Connect’s wireless control solution is a masterclass in quality and performance. We thought long and hard about all the possible requirements and constraints before developing these products. The remote signal must be capable of passing through windows and walls to work. Rain, cold weather, heat and other disturbances may damage or weaken the signal. We therefore owed it to ourselves to develop an extremely reliable solution.
Our product
therefore offers a range of 300 m, withstands 16 A and allows for an infinite combination of transmitters and receptors. A safety system automatically detects any anomalies, prevents overloading at 3000 W, and the LED indicator (green, blue and red) shows whether the system is functioning correctly. This product is nothing like automatic electronics designed for indoor use (whose range is normally 20 m and power 1000 W). This means you won’t have long cables trailing everywhere (two-way switches), and its exceedingly simple installation will save you hours of work.



Saving energy with LED bulbs is no easy task, so you have to make sure you choose the rights ones… LEDs get hot (of course, much less so than halogen bulbs) and are easily damaged as the temperature increases. As a result, they normally lose up to 70% of their illuminating power over time. You can see this for yourself when you look at the illuminated parts – if you look directly at the lamp, your eye adapts and gives a false impression of how strong the light actually is. Do not mix up LUMENS (the amount of light emitted by the bulb) and LUX (the light seen on the lit surface).

The LED bulbs developed by Easy Connect have been designed to have a high illuminating power (LUX) and the ability to minimise the risks of overheating. This increases the lifespan of our bulbs.