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Pioneer and undisputed leader in the market for 220~250 V outdoor connectable lighting solutions, the EASY CONNECT concept was created in 2005 to allow anyone to install a full garden lighting system all by themselves. Since its inception and as it has grown, the company has structured itself around a set of ideas and principles that have become one of the brand’s strength throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


The EASY CONNECT concept was born in order to meet a need: Being able to install your own 220~250 V garden lighting systems. However, the solution we developed was going to have to meet some critical criteria:


To ensure our users are fully satisfied with our EASY CONNECT products, we only sell products that meet these requirements.


The current EASY CONNECT offer has come about through 12 years of innovation, and today constitutes a full product range that’s tailored to the needs of private and business customers.

Easy Connect probably offers the highest performance in the following areas:

  • Connectors and extensions (IP67 waterproof –  220-250 V – 16 A – 3600 W)
  • Wireless control (IP67 waterproof – 300 m range – 16 A – 3000 W)
  • In-built lights (round, square, rectangle from 4.5 cm to 16 cm – stainless steel+++)
  • Garden lights (flowerbeds, bushes, trees, ponds, walls, hedges, etc.)
  • Hanging lights (decorative and customisable fairy lights)

Each product on offer has been thoroughly tested to:

  • Make your life easier and withstand outdoor conditions (rain, frost, heat, etc.)
  • Meet current standards (electrical compliance)
  • Provide the best value for money

To protect our innovations, we systematically register all designs, models and copyrights with the relevant official bodies. To date, more than 50 industrial property rights reflect the cutting edge and innovative nature of our products. Our skills are constantly being upgraded to ensure we’re always at the forefront of the market.


Between 2012 and 2014, EASY CONNECT attended a number of international trade fairs to promote its concept. In a few short years we have managed to build a solid network of partners in more than 17 countries. Today, the network is continuing to expand entirely independently without the need for us to attend trade fairs. The opening of an office in Hong Kong has significantly accelerated our sales growth. As surprising as it may seem, it’s much easier to sell our products to the UK or Italy from a showroom based in Hong Kong than our French offices. In 2017, international sales of EASY CONNECT products accounted for almost 80% of our total sales.


Popular with fitters for the reliability and ease of installation of its products, EASY CONNECT is contributing in its own way to the democratisation of garden lighting solution, which has become a hot trend over the past few years. We all know how inspiration can strike during dinner parties, when chatting with a neighbour, or from looking at magazines or social networks.

EASY CONNECT is the solution for whatever project you have floating around your head. Download our ECdesigner software, take a photo of your garden, install your lights, and your project will start to take form…

All that’s left then is to invite your friends and family round for a garden party on a warm summer evening, and let the magic happen.