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Besides being reliable, adaptable and easy to install, the Easy Connect system has other practical advantages.
You can connect other lights in addition to those offered by Easy Connect. Since the connectors are able to withstand currents of 16 A, you have the option of creating your very own electricity network that you can use to power other electrical appliances (such as radios, lawnmowers or hedge trimmers). Buried installation is not always necessary, and in fact we discourage it. See why below.


16A electricity network

To ensure compliance with electrical standards, EASY CONNECT conductors and connectors have been designed to withstand intensities of 16 A. The Easy Connect system is not just limited to lighting. It is also possible to use the same network to power any kind of CLASS II electrical appliance: TVs, radios, fans, pumps, and a wide range of handheld electrical tools (drills, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, etc.). This means you can use the Easy Connect solution to power your electric tools during the day and to light your garden up at night.

Adding lights

As the EASY CONNECT system is based around 2 main phase and neutral conductors, it is very easy to connect up other products from different brands. We recommend an adaptor (66020/66050) that allows all class II products to be connected to the EASY CONNECT network. This leaves you free to connect any lights you want, regardless of manufacturer (provided that you follow the safety rules outlined below).

Since the 2000s, all major brands have been focusing on the safety of their products above all else, and have adopted the principle of double insulation (class II). The products are therefore safer, which allows them to be 100% standalone. It is no longer necessary to earth the appliance (yellow/green wire) because there is no longer a risk of electrical leakage. Only products that pose an electrical risk (class I) are required to be connected to this third wire (and thus earthed). We recommend you take particular care when using class I products, especially if they show signs of heavy wear.

You must only connect products with double insulation (class II) to the EASY CONNECT network.

Buried Installation

90% of equipment does not need to be buried. It is possible to place EASY CONNECT electrical cables (H07RN-F) along the edges of the garden, in flowerbeds or underneath wooden decking without needing to put them in sheaths. You can even hide them under some tree bark (5 cm max).
However, it must still be easy and safe to pull the cable out if any gardening work is taking place nearby (ploughing, trimming, uprooting plants, etc.).

When should I install underground?
The aim of buried installation is to protect the cable when there is an obvious risk. Sheaths must be used when there is a risk of crushing that could damage or sever the cables. Cables must therefore be passed through sheaths in the following cases: cars passing overhead, in areas that experience very heavy footfall, with gravel, with slabs, on lawns that are mown regularly, and any insertion in cement.

How should I install underground?
The rules set out by standards must be adhered to in order to prevent certain risk

  • Cables that will be inserted in sheaths must be compliant with standards. EASY CONNECT cables encased in flexible rubber (HO7RN-F) are recommended for such uses.
  • Sheaths must be specially designed for outdoor use (electricity = red) and tested to resist crushing.
  • The warning net must be red, and used during works to indicate the presence of an electrical sheath.
  • The trench must be deep enough depending on how the area is used:
    • for car parks and roads, the regulatory depth is 1 m
    • for other areas, the regulatory depth is 60 cm

EASY CONNECT connectors have a diameter of 23 mm. Our 32 mm diameter sheaths are more than sufficient, and are much easier to transport than other sheaths which usually have a diameter of 40 or 50 mm. What’s more, EASY CONNECT has developed a whole range of accessories to make all stages of buried installation easier and safer. Green sheath caps are essential for keeping the tube clean.